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I have in the past two weeks visited several clubs to watch bowls being played and I am pleased to see that clubs are trying very hard to conform to the restrictions on play, that are currently in place.   However I believe that all all of the good work being done by the many, is being jeopardised by the few who seem unable to comprehend the requirements and the seriousness of the situation - and why the restrictions are in place

The latest Bowls England document issued on this matter (extract as below) - clearly states that a distance of 2m should be observed by people from different households - or 1m in mitigating circumstances (where face masks are being worn or NO face to face contact is made) - but only where 2m distancing - IS NOT POSSIBLE.   

 I can think of very few occasions, if any, on a bowling green, when it is not entirely possible to observe a 2m distance, but I have seen this being ignored on a regular basis - at all greens I have visited.


  The following are just some of the actions that I have observed:  
      I have seen:-


a)            Skips walking up the green and stopping to talk to the 'No 3' - almost face to face and well less than even 1m apart!!

b)            The two No 3’s both entering the head - who are again often less than 1m apart and talking to one another.

c)            Players taking other people's woods out of the ditch - when they should not be touching them at all.  A bowl should either be left for the owner or removed with a bowls lifter.

d)            Players removing woods from the head - using their hands - when they should not be touching other people's bowls.

e)            Different people handling the pushers and the scoreboard - when the requirement is, that if used they should only be touched by one person.

f)             Where separate jacks are being used - if the lead ‘leaves it behind’ when he moves to the other end - the skip is then picking it up and bowling it up the green to the lead.               This totally defeats the object of only one person ever touching the jack!

g)            The majority of players when standing behind the head - not being 2m apart.


I fully understand it is difficult and i do not wish to be a killjoy, nor to teach people how to 'suck eggs' and in general many clubs have taken great pains to observe the BE requirements, which is to be applauded - BUT - we do not wish to see bowls closed down again so it is important that ALL players do observe the social distancing and touching of equipment regulations.    It is not difficult to do - I believe it is simply that players are not thinking about what they are doing and are simply doing what they have always done - which is not acceptable in the current climate. 


Please ensure that your members who are currently playing, are fully aware of the requirements to maintain a 2m distance from all players who are not members of their household - and not to touch equipment that other people are touching unless they are being sanitised.


Covid-19: Additional Guidance for Lawn Bowls Issued: 31st July 2020


Social distancing

Social distancing guidelines should be followed between people from different households wherever possible.   This means a distance of 2m between people from different households, or 1m plus mitigations (such as face coverings or avoiding face-to-face contact) where 2m is not possible.   We recommend that players maintain social distancing of 2m. 

The  All Weather Green is open to bowling with restricted sessions. They are 1 & half hour periods of bowling. Rink times for this are 12noon, 2pm, 4pm& 6pm. These have to be booked on line. (Members need to Register and after approval given, then use these details to log-on). Rinks can then be booked via News & Rink Booking site. Please read instructions via Bowls England on same site.
Natural Green is now closed for the winter months.